LifThor RC PRO PLUS Utility Mount -
LifThor RC PRO PLUS Utility Mount -


LifThor RC PRO PLUS Utility Mount

Sale price$167.99
Enhance your workflow on the DJI RC PRO PLUS controller with this utility mount!
This includes both the TRIPOD mount and the MONITOR mount. 
The TRIPOD mount includes the excellent LifThor Quick Release bracket for easy peacy hooking the setup on to any tripod or similar, like the LifThor StrapThor Pro Body Tripod.

We recommend adding a Quick Release bracket for the monitor mount also so you can take advantage of the ease of installing/removing your monitor.

The Tripod part of this product is designed so you can easily access the battery bays under the controller, without having to remove anything. It's simply hinged.

Included in the kit is also our 30 cm long HDMI cable and a LifThor Lanyard. 

It's made of 100% aluminium and superstrong and sturdy! Lasts forever!