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Lifthor Video Capture

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With the LifThor Video Capture Card for HDMI to USB Type C you can hardwire a connection between an Android based tablet with type C plug to your DJI or Autel Smart Controller.

The tablet needs an app that will autodetect whenever an HDMI monitor is connected.
We strongly recommend the app "USB Camera Pro" that you can find on Android PlayStore or download the APK from this trusted site:

After installing the APP and connecting the HDMI monitor you must set the Display Resolution in the app to 1920x1080 60Hz MJPG (one time only)

With an extra monitor/display connected to your DJI Smart Controller / DJI RC PRO you can now choose to have or not have OSD info on your externat monitor (its called Live Camera View) - and you can have i.e. camera tools/settings window open on the built in monitor while still having a full live view camera display on the external monitor!! 


YouTube Video how to install it all, all steps: