Mini 2 Standard and Fly More Combo

Should you buy a MIni 2?

Its a question drone enthusiasts, and consumers like you and me ask a lot. Should you get the Mini 2


Is it worth it? 

What's the benefits?

How durable is it? 

How is the video and photo quality?


All these questions will be answered very short, but overall this is a big step up from the Mini 1 and It might be something you would consider purchasing for your next big projects. Lets start with…



This drone is not just for beginners who have never used a drone before, but professionals who wish to not to carry around a heavier drone that takes up so much space. You can literally put the remote and the drone in the pockets of your jacket. Pull it out when you are ready! This is amazing for those who don't want to draw too much attention to themselves. 


Mini 2 Dronelabs


4K 30FPS with 3 axis Gimbal

This drone has the capability of shoot up to 4K 30FPS in addition with the 3 axis gimbal. That means that you can shoot high quality steady shoots, usable for your high end projects. Sometimes you can't even tell the difference by the quality of the Mini 2 compared to something like an Mavic air 2 or even a Mavic Pro. This is a massive step up from the original Mini 1. If you add ND filters on the camera, you will drastically increase the quality even more to give it that cinematic look.


Yes you heard that correctly! This Mini 2 Is capable of shooting JPEG + RAW files. That means you can bring out more creativity to your photos. You can get amazing scenery shots print them out on high quality glossy paper. Can you imagine the possibilities? With the help of the ND filters, you can start taking your photos to the next level. Great for content creators looking to level up their photography. 



Ocusync Signal range 

The Mini 2 now has the new built-in Ocusync controller, the exact same as the Mavic Air 2 and the Air 2S. What does this mean? It means you can go up to 10 km of range within line of sight. This has never been done before in a drone of this class. What’a amazing is that you can have total confidence and trust knowing that this drone will have a very low chance of disconnecting from the remote. Just keep in mind safely first. It’s not suggested that you fly your drone so far out of your sight. You should always be 100% in-control of the drone. 


Wind resistance 

With the Mini 2, you can expect to have more power in the motors to battle heavier winds. It is definitely not a powerhouse like the other more professional Mavic, but for its size, it sure holds up. This is a massive improvement from the Mini 1 which has difficulty in heavy wind conditions. In addition to the more powerful motors, the propellers are quiet, and mean QUIET. You can hardly hear it once it's in the air going a few meters up. This means you will not be draw any attention from others and be able to fly with more confidence. 

Battery Life

There is a guaranteed flight time of 22 minutes and 31 minutes maxs of flight time, depending on your style of flying and wind conditions. This is the same flight time as other more professional drones like the Mavic Pro or the Air/Air2s. The fact that this drone is able to stay up just as long as the professionals DJI drones is just amazing. Not only that, but if you get the Mini 2 Fly More Combo, you get three batteries in total with a charging dock that comes with an input USB-C charging port (for ultra fast charging time) and an output USB charging port to charge your accessories like a phone or a tablet, just like a power bank. 


Unger 250G

This is by far the best feature of this drone. Since it is under 250g weight, it means that you don't have to register this drone, nor do you have to have a license. You can fly it freely without any restrictions. Does this mean you can go anywhere and fly your drone without any consequences or penalties? No! It’s still recommended that you follow the basic drone rules that Nav Canada has implemented, but it also means you dont need to ask permission to fly your drone in almost all locations. Please do your research on where you plan to shoot and if there's any restrictions. One example is near airports to avoid interference or collisions with aircrafts. 





This drone is priced out at $519.99CAN for the standard combo and $699.00CAN for the Fly More Combo. The price for this drone is less than your average DSLR/Mirrorless Camera, and the same as the latest  GOPRO’s that's available. You can purchase this drone without breaking the bank and give you competitive features as other professional drones in the market. This is a no brainer. If you are in the market to buy your first drone, or looking to travel lighter, this drone is definitely for you.  


I can go on and on about this drone (like its different speed modes and remote to phone charging capability), but this blog will go on forever. With the pros overpowering the cons, it's a no brainer. Getting the Mini 2 would be a great asset to you. Once you learn to master this drone, you can expect high quality imaging all in one tiny package. This is a great drone to get and you should definitely consider it.