M30 Series

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The M30T is a compact drone, but its up for any job. Equipped with a quad sensor camera its capable of capturing wide angle footage, zoom of up to 16x, and is lastly equipped with a rangefinmder, and a 640p camera.


The M30T us among the highest IP rated drones, that being IP55. The rating the M30T has means it's ready to tackle rain, winds and adverse weather, making it great for applications in unpredictable climates, hot and cold.

long flight time.

With commercial applications, use cases and expeditions in mind, the M30 series is equipped with DJI's TB30 batteries, boasting a flight time of 41 minutes or more depending on weather condtions.


The M30 lineup has a diverse range of use cases, and thus it maybe used in heavily populated areas, or industrial spaces with unforgiving obstacles. The M30 series is equipped with a variety of sensors that aid in its ability to stop, or circumvent obstacles.

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