Spark - Intelligent Flight Battery

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An intelligent battery dedicated to Spark. With a capacity of 1480 mAh and voltage of 11.4 V, it enables a flight time of 16 minutes when fully charged. Spark uses a high energy density LiPo battery for optimal performance. 12 intelligent protection functions help deliver safe flight. Additionally, Spark's battery estimates remaining flight time, letting you know when to land in real-time.


  • 16 min flight time.*
  • 12 intelligent protection functions.
  • Check flight time left in real-time.

    *Flight speed of 12.4 mph (20 kph) in windless conditions.

    In The Box:

    Spark - Intelligent Flight Battery × 1


    Capacity: 1480 mAh
    Voltage: 11.4 V
    Battery Type: LiPo 3S
    Energy: 16.87 Wh
    Net Weight: Approx. 0.2 lbs (95 g)
    Charging Temperature Range: 41°F to 104°F (5°C to 40°C)


    DJI Spark
    DJI Spark - Battery Charging Hub




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